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About us

Victoria, Laurence, and Gerard, a French family, moved to the USA in 2018 to start a new life!

After 2 years in Miami, they decided to move to NJ in 2020 to feel closer to Europe in a nice "family town"!


After graduating from an interior design school, and being a self-taught pastry chef, Victoria wanted to combine her passion for baking and design by creating a Parisian boutique bakery where everyone feels at home! Laurence brings her business expertise as she had many different companies in France.


They opened Victoria's cake in September 2021 by creating a combination of French and American baked goods. Everything at Victoria's Cake is homemade and baked from scratch. You will be able to watch Victoria or her assistant bake every day from the big open kitchen window.


Come meet Victoria and Laurence in

Victoria's Cake! 

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